Selling Your Home

Phase 1: Property Evaluation -Thorough and Objective Home Evaluation

A thorough home evaluation is a must have in readying your house to sell and it is a disservice to our

clients if we do not follow through. From inspection to repair recommendations we discuss with you the

best courses of action to make sure you maximize on the value of your home.

Check out article ‘What To Expect With A Thorough Home Evaluation’ to learn our conversations will include.

We’re not doing our sellers a service by misleading them or letting them proceed without a thorough,

honest and objective evaluation of their property prior to pricing and going to market. Let us give you this

opinion, but also ideas and strategies to improve your property in the current market environment.


Phase 2: CMA, Comparative Market Analysis

What you expect to sell your home for and what the market value of your home is, are two very different elements. With our in-depth comparative market analysis, we compile data comparing your home with others in the local area and homes with similarities such as amenities, quantity of rooms or property size. This helps your two-fold: you set your home price at a realistic number to help sell fast and it also prepares you for any buyers that may try to under-value your home.


Phase 3: Proper List Pricing & Researching the Specific Market

Properties listed at the right price sell fastest and put the most money into the sellers’ pockets. Under–pricing, isn’t common, but can cost you money you really need to move on in life. Over–pricing is a really bad practice that can keep a property on the market longer than necessary and end up with price reductions and low–ball offers. A property that isn’t priced well will either leave money on the table for our sellers or cause the property to linger on the market. Along with our CMA report, it’s important that we help you input the right parameters into our site’s MLS to learn about currently listed similar homes in your area. By knowing the competition, you can make the necessary home improvements and competitively value your property with realistic market expectations.


Phase 4: A Marketing Plan that Works

We have perfected a full-service marketing plan for every type of property we list for sale. While the factors that affect your property’s value is dependent on its location, one constant is how to best reach potential home buyers. Digital is where it’s at and as your Real Estate Agent we have to evolve with the marketing world. We’ll show you a specific plan for your property that encompasses the best tactics for placing your property in-front of the best matching buyers. Read more about these tactics by reading our blog “How We Market Your Home Online”.


Phase 5: Price Negotiations

We do the marketing and property valuation process well, and that means you’ll be seeing a buyer with a contract soon. We are with you every step of the way in the contract price negotiations and will work to get you the top price possible with the fewest concessions. Good markets or slow markets, buyers are always trying to pay the lowest price or negotiate for seller concessions. We do this every day, and we’ll help you to respond to offers and counter offers unemotionally and with the very best end result.

Phase 6: Inspections & Repair Negotiations

The negotiations rarely end with the price however. Once the buyer completes their inspection and document examination processes, they often object to things discovered and request corrective action that involves expense to the seller. We’re here to help you  keep the deal alive without “giving up the farm.”

Phase 7: Contract to Closing Process

There are more than 50 tasks, objectives and deliveries involved in taking a seller side transaction from contract through to a successful closing. Deadlines, inspections and mortgage details are just a fraction of the list in between a price agreement. We’re on top of all of them to make sure you leave the closing table with a check to move on with life without having to worry about the details but still being kept in the loop at every step.

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